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Top 5 Destinations for Your First Yacht Charter


Has your curiosity piqued about luxury yacht vacations? Want to get onboard but not sure where the best location to go is? While we feel just about every destination is best seen by yacht, there are a few fantastic regions that are excellent for those first timers! That’s why we created this FREE interactive story book for you, “Top 5 Destinations for Your First Yacht Charter” so you can hit the ground running when it’s time to book your getaway!

It’s no secret that private yacht vacations have become more popular than ever thanks to the lack of crowds, attentiveness of crew, and ability to get closer to nature and wildlife than any other type of getaway. The first question we always get is, “where should we go?” and that’s exactly why we created this story book for you!

two toddlers play on white sand beach with turquoise waters in the background

Our top five list is designed to help you choose between the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Australia and the US. While each location has their own unique appeal, you truly can’t go wrong with any of these spots when sampling the yacht charter lifestyle!

We’ll also be offering tips along the way of what you should look out for in destination, what makes a yacht charter so special and so much more!

Get your copy here now, because life’s too short for ordinary vacations. Looking to get your travel plans in motion? Contact us to start planning!

front cover of the story book, Top 5 Destinations for Your First Yacht Charter

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