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Happy New Year and inspiration for 2020 travel awaits…


Happy new year and welcome to 2020! While everyone is recovering from the holiday season, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of the hottest destinations we’re seeing for 2020 and get that travel inspiration flowing! If you’re looking to get onboard this year, just send me a quick reply and I’d be happy to get things started with you!

The Bahamas

little piglet in water in Bahamas

Following the destruction that Hurricane Dorian caused last year, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism continues to encourage tourists that the best way to help them get back on their feet is to bring your travel money to the region and help reinvigorate these beautiful islands.

  • Don’t miss the infamous wild pigs of Pig Beach on Big Major Cay
  • Pull into Staniel Cay for shallow anchorages and a swim in the Thunderball Grotto
  • A plethora of islands dotted within close proximity means you don’t have to travel very far to be in front of another fantastic beach all to yourself


aerial shot of islands in Australia

The land down under has never been easier to get to or filled with more possibilities to get onboard.

  • For the perfect blend of exciting nightlife and fantastic city lights, head to Sydney but escape to your yacht to relax at the end of the day
  • Enjoy fantastic diving in the Great Barrier Reef – not PADI certified? We can arrange for that onboard!
  • Enjoy fantastic cooking on your own private beach thanks to your private chef and crew

Komodo Islands

up close shot of komodo dragon

Indonesia certainly topped our list last year for inquiries. It isn’t only Raja Ampat that’s making waves (a top spot for divers and wildlife), but Komodo will see a surge in interest this year.

  • Get up close and personal with the famed Komodo Dragon
  • Indulge and relax on the Pink Sand Beach
  • Still plenty of diving awaits you here and we can arrange a scuba instructor to take you to the best sites and even certify guests onboard!


You may recognize this hot spot from our list last year but there’s a good reason it’s staying on for 2020! With even more yachts flocking to Croatia, it’s an excellent time to explore this growing destination.

  • Soak in the history and culture of Split and Dubrovnik before island hopping all week
  • Stay away from the heaving tourists and relish in the fact you have your own private yacht to relax on
  • With your own professional crew and chef, you won’t have to lift a finger all week!
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