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Looking for travel inspiration for 2022? Check out our ebook!


Welcome to a new year, filled with new hopes, dreams, goals, and of course…vacations! Looking for a little travel inspiration and guidance on where to go this year? We can help with that! Download your free copy of our Destinations Book where we share some of the best locations to enjoy a luxury yacht vacation this year. 

Inside, we showcase some of the most beautiful regions to visit onboard your own luxury yacht. Destinations that are best seen from the bow, and explored on your own time, with your own group. No line lines or crowds here!

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Deserted islands, hopping nightlife, vibrant culture, wildlife adventures… this free guide is filled with dozens of travel ideas from around the globe.

We’ll take you from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the beaches of the Caribbean and the great superyacht meccas of the Mediterranean. At each stop, we’ll show you where to go and what to see as you cruise in the lap of luxury on your own private yacht. No matter where you want to go in 2022, we’re confident that the best way to visit them, is onboard your own yacht!

The biggest secret you’ll learn is just how affordable and attainable these luxury yachting vacations are – much more attainable than many people think.

Download your copy now, because life’s too short for ordinary vacations. Looking to get your travel plans in motion? Contact us to start planning!

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