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Travel Weekly Feature – January 2019


What a way to ring in the new year! We were so thrilled with our latest press coverage and to be approached by Jeri Clausing of Travel Weekly to discuss new luxury options for travellers out there.

screenshot of Travel Weekly article with yacht in background

Travel Weekly is one of the most trusted publications with over 60 years in the business. Read on for this snippet from the interview with Jeri:

“Thinking that a private yacht trip would be much more enjoyable than vacationing with 4,000 other people, [Todd] set out to investigate.

“I started to do the research, trying to figure out what to book, who to book with, what people would need in terms of whether eight people could go on vacation on 50-foot, 80-foot or 100-foot yacht,” he said. “It took the better part of the first year to put together the first trip. It turned out quite well, but the process could have been easier.”

More than three years and four yacht vacations later, he is ready to share his expertise with agents and travelers through his startup OceanScape Yachts, which puts together vacations that check all the boxes for that growing group of travelers looking for personalized, authentic, small-group, luxury cruising options.”

Please click here for our interview with the team, and check out our other press here!

Thanks again for this opportunity Travel Weekly!
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