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New Partner Alert! Welcome Indo Yachts!


You may have noticed in our recent social media posts that we have yet another new announcement for you all! We're thrilled to formally announce that we have partnered with Indo Yachts and proud to have a carefully selected number of their luxury yachts available for charter for you across Indonesia.

If you haven't had the opportunity to visit this wonderland filled with over 17,000 islands - what are you waiting for?! There is truly something for everyone here. From diving and snorkelling to hiking, the cuisine (oh man, the food!) and soaking up the colourful local culture, it's nearly impossible to be bored here. Don't forget, the beautiful weather, the wealth of wildlife and lack of tourist throngs, you really are off the beaten track here.

large yacht in Indonesia with red sails
131 foot Si Datu Bua
Headed up by the energetic and enthusiastic Nikko Karki, an American who emigrated to Indonesia a number of years ago, Indo Yachts aims to offer a complete package. Passionate about the Indonesian culture, islands and possibilities, we couldn't be happier having Nikko on the ground in Indo to help tailor-make adventures in this beautiful part of the world.
couple jumping off the side of a yacht in Indonesia
101 foot Rascal
Please head over to our Yachts page to see what is available on behalf of the Indo Yachts team!
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