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Get a taste of luxury yacht charters with short-term stays


You may have noticed on some of our recent social media posts that we’re also offering day charters now! This is an excellent way to test the waters (see what I did there?). Book a special event, weekend getaway or even for a corporate retreat!

yacht underway in sea
106 foot Cedar Island available for day charters
Head to marina, leave your shoes on the deck and don’t worry about putting them back on until you dock back in a day, two days or even later that night. Treat your guests (and yourself!) to the ultimate escape, even if only for the day! From the moment you step onboard, you’ll still have access to the full luxury yacht experience. Complete with personal chef, full yacht crew to anticipate your every beck and call, plethora of water toys and access to quiet bays and deserted islands all within a short cruise.

Head down to the Florida Keys for the weekend and be the only group on that secluded beach.

Cruise around Miami beach and let the sunset and bright lights of the city back onshore be the only light you see as you sip crisp champagne under a warm sky.

Treat your hardest working employees to the ultimate thank-you by hosting a formal private dining experience with gourmet chef and experienced sommelier.

Take a chance to reconnect with your loved ones without wanting for a thing.

It’s time to stop daydreaming.

Please head over to our website to read more about day charters and check out some of the yachts available!
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