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Why a private yacht charter makes the perfect socially distanced escape


Has your idea of luxury travel changed? 

Where once, tickets to a sold-out production on Broadway or a meal at the chef’s table in a Michelin star restaurant might be the height of luxury; today, more secluded and remote activities are in style.

If you’re looking for the ultimate socially distanced vacation, there is no option more luxurious than a yacht charter.

Create your own, private travel bubble

Due to international regulations, charter yachts (regardless of how big they are) rarely, if ever, carry more than 12 passengers at a time. And unlike cruise ships, private yachts are reserved only for you. So you and a handful of friends or family can relax together secure in the knowledge no strangers will be intruding on your vacation.

Better yet, since your yacht can take you from one destination to the next, you can travel without you ever having to leave the confines of your personal bubble.

Social distancing in the extreme

A yacht charter can take you to some of the most remote and secluded destinations on Earth. You can spend your time exploring deserted islands in the Caribbean, diving untouched waters in the South Pacific, or simply anchored far off the Florida shoreline, drinking cocktails and soaking up the sun.

deserted white sand beach in Caribbean

Rigorous safety protocols to keep you healthy

Even before the pandemic, the highly trained and dedicated crews onboard private yachts kept everything immaculately clean and hygienic. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, however, health precautions have been stepped up even further. You can expect strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols, testing for the captain and crew, and use of PPE. You might also notice temperature checks for guests and limits on who can come aboard.

If you need medical attention while travelling

Charter yachts carry an impressive medical kit on board, with the majority carrying some serious lifesaving equipment. The captain will hold their Captain’s Medical license and other crew often know basic first aid.

That means the yacht crew can apply frontline care before transferring you by tender or helicopter to the closest medical facility for further evaluation and treatment.

How much does the ultimate socially distanced escape cost?

While yacht charters are hardly a “budget” travel option, they are actually more affordable than most people realize. When you put a group of eight, ten, or twelve people together, the price is very comparable to other luxury travel options, and the experience is cleaner, safer, and beyond luxurious.

For about $7,000-$10,000 per person, you can enjoy an entire week exploring hidden shores on your yacht. You’ll have spectacular cabins, indoor and outdoor dining options, a comfortable salon to relax in, and a wide variety of water toys to play with. Not to mention a full crew at your beck and call and a private chef preparing your meals. 

Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re travelling and enjoying a safe, socially distanced vacation.

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