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Winter escapes you can book RIGHT NOW


Winter has fully arrived and shows little signs of leaving anytime soon for those of us in the northern regions. A new year has started and while travel remains affected, we are seeing promising signs with the new vaccines, and more borders opening up. The following locations are open to tourists and we cannot wait to help get more people onboard in these sun-drenched locations soon! Please don’t hesitate in reaching out if you have questions about certain locations or have questions about covid guidelines and we’d be happy to help!

Beach in Costa Rica with palm trees surrounding

Costa Rica is rapidly becoming a bucket list destination for travellers of all types. From healthy yoga retreats to thrill-seekers and yacht charters, this country has something for everyone. A luxury yacht charter in Costa Rica is like falling headlong into a nature documentary, where rainforest rolls down to the gin-clear sea, volcanoes puff gently across a lush landscape of coffee plantations and rolling hills, and humpback whales play with their calves in pristine waters.

Cave in French Polynesia looking out to outrigger canoe and clear blue waters with island in the background

Tahiti and Bora Bora have both reopened to tourists and we can’t think of a better place to escape the cold winter! From pristine blue waters pictured above, to island hopping from one white sand beach to the next, let your worries melt away with the waves. A combination of high islands and atolls makes for beguiling cruising in French Polynesia. Jagged, lush peaks soar to over one thousand metres on the high islands, while lower atolls pass in the yacht’s wake, looking every bit the South Pacific idyll.

Saint Barths is certainly a champagne-and-caviar island, the spiritual home of the partying jet-set, but it is also a peaceful island of great beauty- of coral reefs and jungle and volcanic hills rising from a turquoise sea. On your yacht charter, explore, dive, windsurf, hike, party till dawn…or just bliss out completely in one of the planet’s ultimate luxury destinations.

Clear turquoise waters of the Florida Keys

Don’t feel like travelling too far from home this winter? The water of the Florida Keys is just begging for you to dive into it! A Florida yacht charter offers all the ingredients of a brilliant, life-changing yacht charter: coconut palms and crystal clear seas, white sand beaches and pristine coral reefs. Florida is a place where you’ll find water sports and wildlife refuges, boutique shopping and street parties buzzing with a deep Calypso beat. Florida also offers some of the best reef diving on the planet, as well as a rich history of pirates, shipwrecks and clashing empires.

Please don’t forget to check with your local government websites for any other warnings or guidelines regarding COVID-19, such as theĀ CDC.

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