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Ditch the crowds and take a private, custom cruise


Ditch the crowds and take a private, custom cruise

There’s something about the fresh sea air, the fine spray of saltwater on your face, and the unobstructed view of the horizon that calls out on an almost primitive level. It seeps into your spirit and helps set your worries free. It’s no wonder cruises are among the most popular vacation options. Sailing from one port to another you can experience the culture, wildlife, watersports, and so much more.

But cruises-even the highest-end luxury cruises-have big downsides. First of all, your time is never your own, when they say go, it’s time to go, whether you’re done exploring or not. Huge crowds mean you’re exposed to countless germs, have to jockey for space on deck, and it’s best to lock up your possessions just in case. There are loads of extra fees. And let’s not get started on the way cruise ships contribute to over-tourism!

But what if you could enjoy all that you love about cruising-the ocean, the beaches, the food, the fun-on your own schedule and with your own invited guests? Well with a private yacht charter, you can enjoy your own custom cruise!

master suite onboard Dunia Baru
             On a yacht, you always have the best sea view

A More Personalized Experience

A yacht charter is all about freedom, privacy, and wonderfully personalized service that cruise ships simply can’t match.

Each day, you’ll speak to your captain about the itinerary you want and you can change your mind whenever you like! There are none of those awful orange boats bringing you back from a shore excursion when you’re simply not ready to leave. 

And the crew are dedicated just to you and no-one else, whether it’s the deckhand giving you a wakeboarding lesson or the steward making sure your drink is constantly refreshed. 

A yacht is an extremely private place to spend time with family and friends where the crew respects your personal space but are always discreetly on hand if you need anything. 

Exceptional dining

On a private, custom cruise, the chef cooks just for you. They’re informed about your food preferences and any allergies, and the yacht is stocked with some of your favourite things before you arrive. Each meal is served at a beautifully decorated table on deck or on the beach. There are no buffet queues or complete strangers making small talk over dinner.

Each morning just after dawn, your yacht chef goes ashore in the tender to visit the local markets, arriving back at the yacht laden down with wheels of fresh cheese, the best organic produce available and gleaming fish straight from the fishermen’s nets.

They’ll get to work slicing fruit for large platters and whipping up pancake batters and scrambled eggs ready for your breakfast orders. By the time you get up, the whole yacht will smell of freshly baking bread and your breakfast table will overflow with a buffet spread right out of a gourmet magazine.

With breakfast cleared away, your chef will arrive at the table to discuss some possible menus for the coming day. Perhaps you’d even like to try your hand at catching dinner?

Cleanliness beyond compare

The yacht’s year-round crew keeps every corner of the boat in a state of pristine and hygienic cleanliness. The interior crew will pop into your cabin several times a day to keep it looking spotless, scrub the bathroom, and return your laundry. These days, extra attention is paid to sanitation with crew wearing PPE and third parties being granted limited access.

In between charters, when there are no guests aboard, the yacht gets thoroughly detailed with an army of polishes and cotton buds for days, even weeks, on end. 

Also, since the crew-to-guest ratio is so much higher on yachts and the volumes of guests throughout the year much lower, a private yacht will almost always be much cleaner.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Life on a yacht is whatever you want it to be: adventurous or calm, glamorous or laid back. It’s a quiet day of swimming and reading in the salon. Or it’s an afternoon of jet-skiing and diving beneath the waves to explore coral gardens. It’s a hike up a mountain where you can see your yacht crew setting up dinner on the beach below. Or it’s an evening at the opera, taking in some culture.

Private yachts can get into the shallow anchorages and pretty marinas that cruise ships can’t hope to. They can take you to deserted islands, sea caves, and hidden beaches.

But the real difference between a yacht charter and luxury cruise is that on a cruise ship, you’re just another in the crowd. On a your own custom cruise, you are in charge.

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