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Catch up with Fleur Tomlinson from 37South with these soundbites!


We’re putting up a bit of a throwback from our podcast episode with one of our very valued yacht partners, Fleur Tomlinson of 37South (check some of their yachts out here). Fleur joined us a few months ago to chat about some of her favourite destinations across the globe and what she’s learned from a life on the water. Just in case you missed it, be sure to check out the full podcast here.

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How did you become a luxury yacht charter broker?

I actually covered over 8000 miles onboard before I was born! My parents already worked onboard and what my mom thought was seasickness (even though she never had it in all her years working in yachting), actually turned out to be morning sickness! So I really grew up playing onboard, taking trips around New Zealand and the South Pacific and just always felt this deep calling to the sea. After a degree in Marketing and Communications, I found the perfect way to bring my skill set to an industry I already knew and loved.

Do you see any new yachting destinations emerging?

I know it’s cliche, but Croatia just continues to grow. There are so many islands to explore and the people are so lovely, we keep getting great feedback from our charter guests in this region. I also love to recommend Corsica as it’s so rugged and filled with beautiful wildlife and landscapes but also has these stunning white sand beaches and clear azure seas people seem to love.

What are some of your top travel recommendations for our listeners and readers?

I know I’m a Kiwi, but I really love New Zealand for people looking to escape the Northern Hemisphere winters. And within close proximity is French Polynesia which is not only stunning, it’s also outside of the hurricane belt so the weather is usually fantastic.

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Thanks again to Fleur for her time once again! You can check Fleur out on Instagram here and on the 37South website.

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