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Visiting Dominica with a Local!


As travel becomes more certain this year, we are all eager to plan that very important first trip away! That’s why we are thrilled to be able to share some of the best information, straight from the locals! In today’s post, we are taking a little virtual escape to Dominica with our friend Riselle, or as she’s more widely known, The Traveling Island Girl. You may remember her from episode 30 of our podcast. Didn’t catch it yet? Check it out here are she shares some of the fantastic reasons to visit her current home island of St. Maarten.

We have loved being able to follow Riselle on her journeys and bring a little bit of the Caribbean to us all stranded at home. In her new series, she’s interviewing locals from neighbouring islands to share the current travel protocols and some of the reasons you must add these regions to your bucket list!

And in order to shine a light on yet another fabulous Caribbean island that may not get as much spotlight as some of the others, she recently hosted a travel expert from the island of Dominica, Dr. Clem Affana to talk about her own little slice of paradise!

We are very thankful to Riselle and Clem for letting us reshare this video! While we are looking for more and more inspirational travel from the comfort of home, you simply can’t beat hearing stories and travel tips from the locals themselves. We really hope you enjoy this video and do give both of these lovely humans a follow!

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