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Superyacht chefs dish on their favourite culinary destinations


One of the best parts of any superyacht vacation is the food. Imagine having a personal chef who each morning buys fresh provisions in order to prepare gourmet meals catered to your personal tastes! Superyacht chefs are a special bunch. It takes an adventurous soul to leave the land behind and create Michelin-quality meals in a tiny galley on a moving ship. That’s why we love talking to our chefs and hearing their stories. 

For years we’ve been interviewing yacht chefs and asking them about their favourite culinary destinations. As we looked back, we noticed there was a clear consensus. Here’s what they had to say:

“Pretty much everywhere is a foodie haven if you look hard enough. I love Asia for food. I love getting lost down laneways and playing food roulette with menus that aren’t in English. I love the unidentified smells and unfamiliar textures. It’s like Willy Wonka for me. - The Anonymous Superyacht Chef

“Every country I go to, each has its own different and unique cuisines…but if I have to pick, Japan truly blew my socks off. Anything Asian or anywhere in Asia normally grabs my attention.” - Jeanri van der Watt 

turquoise water of southeast Asia washing up on shore with lone tree

“You just can’t beat street food, so it’s South East Asia for me. Malaysia for its enormous night markets and Vietnam for its pho (pronounced pha). I don’t buy into ‘cereal’ for breakfast, so for me, a big bowl of steaming beef broth with fragrant herbs, noodles, bean sprouts, hot chilli peppers and lime is perfect. Oh and the coffee, THE COFFEE!” - Jack Watts

Of course, not everyone agreed.

“I’m going to be a little patriotic with this answer and say Cape Town, South Africa. As much as I travel and enjoy eating loads of different cuisines, South African flavours will always be a favourite! - Jessica Alcock

“Europe – without a doubt. The Mediterranean is one of my favourite places to visit for the melting pot of options – Italy, Greece, France, etc. Not just for the incredible food but the wine, history, and so much more!” - Chef Michel Thomann

aerial shot of blue water off the coast of Italy with marina in foreground

How will your chef know what you like to eat? 

After you book your luxury yacht charter, you’ll receive a preference sheet. This form allows you to let the chef know well in advance of your trip what your favourite foods are- as well as dislikes, allergies, and specialty diets (like low sodium, kosher, or vegan). Never be shy to tell your yacht chef what you want – whether it’s a Thai feast, a fancy French affair, or a laid-back barbeque on the beach. They’re there to make you happy, and the more you tell them, the happier everyone will be.

If you don’t want to fill out the preference sheet, that’s fine – and you certainly won’t be the first! However, the yacht will only have a certain amount of produce and dry goods on board, so if you like particular brands of things it’s best to let your crew know ahead of time. The chef will be able to shop locally, but the range is often minimal (and more expensive) away from major ports.

Looking to try superyacht-inspired food at home? Download our recipe book.

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